Balance sheet and strategy paper for a climate-friendly sustainable urban development in Leipzig

In 2011, the City of Leipzig set itself the goal of developing a balance and strategy paper on  climate-friendly sustainable urban development in Leipzig. As part of the project, bgh. supported the cross-departmental communication process. One of the main tasks was to  prepare and facilitate different workshops. In cooperation with the involved actors and our partner, the agency Miriquidi Media, the concept idea was created and edited.

The balance and strategy paper formed the basis for the publication „Stadtentwicklung koopstadt. Klimagerechte und nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung Leipzig“ published in 2012 as part of the pilot project of the National Urban Development Policy of the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research (BBSR) „koopstadt – Stadtentwicklung in Bremen, Leipzig und Nürnberg“.

In terms of content, the balance and strategy paper deals with the following main topics:

  • Climate protection
  • City of mixed uses and short distances
  • Leipzig Charter as a plan for action
  • Milestones for climate policy in Leipzig
  • Priority areas of action: Settlement development, mobility, open space development, municipal infrastructure, communication and consulting, experiences of co-operative partner cities Bremen and Nuremberg.

Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, City Planning Department
Cooperation partner: Agency Miriquidi Media
Period: 2011-2012