Core Competences

Our office deals with many facets of urban development and process consulting. Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann has gathered an extensive experience in the following areas:

Analysing and Networking

Analysing and networking are of central importance when working in a strategic manner on topics of urban development within changing frameworks. The services provided by bgh. include process development as well as data collection and analysis as foundation for further individual project work.

Planning and consulting

Another part of our range of services is planning and consulting. Citywide as well as neighbourhood-based development strategies are a focus area of our office. The strategy elaboration, which serves in particular the identification of strategic action areas and the acquisition of funds by municipalities, has has proven itself for many years both in Germany and other countries.

Coordinating and moderating

Furthermore, coordinating and moderating are part of our competences. Our aim is to promote subject-related and substantive discussions between the key stakeholders to support a successful project implementation. In addition to activating and involving local actors, raising awareness among municipalities for the relevance of strategic planning and participation is another key task in the whole process.

Informing and documenting

The fourth component of our range of services is to inform and document. Preparing information and results in a appealing and a target-group-specific manner is a necessary prerequisite for a broader public perception. Therefore, it is vital component of participation and planning processes. Transparent information throughout the whole process contributes to raising awareness and increasing the sustainability of the projects.