HausHalten e.V. [Leipzig]

The main goals of the association HausHalten e.V., founded in 2004, are to secure endangered old buildings in important urban areas by finding new users on a non-commercial basis and to preserve the buildings’ value. Astrid Heck was a co-initiator and long-time board member of the association. The aim of HausHalten e.V. is to engage with the two challenges Leipzig faced in the early 2000s – vacancy in unattractive areas and creative people seeking adequate spaces. HausHalten e.V. viewed this as an opportunity to bring potential users closer to owners.

Until September 2009, HausHalten e.V. received funding through the “Nationalen Stadtentwicklungspolitik” National Urban Development Policy by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS).

Main goals:

  • Establishment of a training and competence centre “HausHalten” in Lützner Straße 39
  • Further development of the Guardian House Model – Wächterhausmodell
  • Transferability of the model to other cities which also face vacancy

Function: Co-initiator and long-time member of the board of the association
Period: 2004-2009