Leitbild Workshop and Strategy Paper [Halle, Saale]

The City of Halle commissioned the consortium formed by the Leipzig Urban Management Systems (u.m.s.) GmbH and bgh. between 2014 and 2015 with the implementation of a Leitbild (mission statement) workshop and the elaboration of a strategy paper in the context of the update of its Integrated Urban Development Concept (ISEK) hallesaale* 2025.

In addition to sectorial analyses, external expert opinions and a comprehensive participation process to determine the current state of urban development, it was necessary to draw conclusions and record them in the form of a mission statement and a city strategy down to the project level, including financing options. The strategy paper and the Leitbild workshop were considered as core elements  in the ISEK process.

The development process had several important components. For example, citizens’ conferences, specialist workshops and expert interviews were carried out in order to produce a holistic development of mission statements.

Commissioned by: City of Halle (Saale)
Cooperation partner: urban management systems (u.m.s.) GmbH
Period: 2014-2015