Evaluation of the location development process of the National Park Municipality Association Herrstein-Rhaunen

The Rhineland-Palatinate municipalities of Herrstein and Rhaunen merged in 2020 to form the Herrstein-Rhaunen National Park Municipality Association (VG HR). With the help of funding from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry for Interior and Sport (MdI), an integrated location development process was carried out to support the desired merging of two administrative units and to find the best strategical position for the future of the new VG HR.

In a broad participation process the municipality of Herrstein-Rhaunen developed a master plan. Together with civil society stakeholders a general agreement was found, to aim at the securing of skilled workers/professionals. This aim is supported by four strategic initiatives and underpinned by various measures. When the development of the master plan was completed, an evaluation of the previous process was put out to tender.

Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) evaluated the location development process on behalf of the municipality, focusing on the following key topics:

  • evaluation of the process design
  • analysis of the stakeholder involvement
  • assessment of target achievements (regarding the purpose of the funding)
  • recommendations for further actions/measures

A mix of methods consisting of document research and a qualified survey in the form of eight semi-structured guideline interviews showed a successful process. Through the comprehensive integration of stakeholders and the implementation of current topics, an activation process was started that generated dynamism in the VG HR and improved the citizien’s identification with their new location. New networks were devolped co-creatively and new structures were formed to guarentee long-team activities. The results of the evaluation were made available transparently on the VG HR website and were presented at a public event.

Client: National park municipality association of Herrstein-Rhaunen
Period: April – August 2023