Integrated district development concept [Kraljevo, Serbia]

The Serbian City of Kraljevo developed its “Integrated Urban Development Strategy for the Inner City of Kraljevo. Kraljevo 2030” in 2013 and 2014. The Integrated District Development Concept deals with goals, challenges and projects in the interlinked areas of urban planning and housing, transport and technical infrastructure, local economy, labor market, tourism and administration, public spaces and environment, cultural heritage and culture, social and health care as well as education and sports.

bgh. worked together with its partners on the following topics:

  • Working as a partner in the development and implementation of a strategic approach to elaborating the integrated urban development strategy of Kraljevo
  • Creation of a project management plan for the efficient control of the overall process
  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up of events within the coordination and participation process
  • Assistance in steering and directing the overall process and in ongoing coordination with other actors involved in the process
  • Development of selected measures to raise the awareness of local residents, local actors and administrative staff for a higher level of acceptance during the development process

Client: AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH
Cooperation partners: Michael Engel and Jens Gerhardt
Period: 2013-2014