Digitalisierungsstrategie – Konzepte für die Lausitz

The Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz (ZWL), launched on March 5, 2018 as a project by the Wirtschaftsregion Lausitz GmbH, aims to develop the potential of digitalization together with the municipalities, business, science, civil society and citizens. The ZWL has commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH (PwC) to develop a digitalization strategy that will pursue a long-term digital vision and the associated social goals for the Lausitz region.

Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) is responsible for the conceptual preparation, moderation and follow-up of workshops and other participatory  formats. At specialized workshops on the topics of “Culture and Tourism”, “Mobility and Local Supply”, “Economy and Work” and “Care and Health”, measures were defined together with local actors from civil society, the private sector and the public sector, which should be initiated promptly. Other event formats include the implementation of hackdays and the conception and moderation of a Digital@Lausitz day (March 2020) with workshops and the presentation of the Digitalization Strategy as well as the presentation of digital solutions in different areas (Health, transport, administration, etc.) for citizens and companies in the Lausitz region.

In cooperation with PwC and the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus-Senftenberg, Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) also supports communication and stakeholder management for networking potential actors in Lausitz in order to promote the development of collaborative approaches.

Commissioned by: Lausitz Economic Region GmbH

Partners: PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

Period: 2019–2020