Update “Integrated Urban Development Concept Housing” [Altenburg]

Based on the Integrated Urban Development Concept adopted in 2003, the concept was continued in 2008 and 2009 (“Integrated Urban Development Concept Housing Altenburg 2020”). The significance of the integrated concept becomes clear when looking at the framework conditions at the time of the update. For example, Altenburg recorded declining numbers of inhabitants, the worsening of which was foreshadowed by demographic trends; urban development was also influenced by difficult economic changes.

bgh. accompanied the process in cooperation Grunwald & Partner:

  • Updating the general information
  • Updating the housing market data and updating the analytic maps
  • Development scenarios and forecasts
  • Mission statement of the City of  Altenburg and goals until 2020
  • Public participation procedures
  • Editorial editing of results and reporting

Commissioned by: City of Altenburg
Cooperation partner: Büro Grunwald & Partner (since 2011: Grunwald & Grunwald, architecture and urban planning GbR)
Period: 2008-2009