Updating Urban Renewal Targets Kleinzschocher [Leipzig]

The renewal area Kleinzschocher is located about 5 km southwest of the center of the City of Leipzig and is predominantly characterized by residential use. The former area can be divided into 3 parts: Historic center around the Taborkirche, Wilhelminian era housing stocks along the Dieskaustraße and area west of the Dieskaustraße. Increased investments in recent years have largely contributed to a significant improvement in the overall situation. Nevertheless, some areas continue to be characterized by dilapidated buildings and high vacancy rates. The need for action is also reflected in the concept “Leipzig 2020 – Integrated urban development concept” (SEKo) of the City of Leipzig.

On the basis of the strategic framework , the analysis of the current situation, identified problem areas and potential areas, spatial action priorities with an increased investment need were derived. By concentrating public investment, an initial effect was to be achieved which should trigger further private follow-on investments in the immediate environment and thus provide important impulses for the entire district.

As part of the updating of the renovation targets, bgh. provided the following services :

  • Inventory and analysis
  • Proposals for the further development and redevelopment of the area
  • Specification and continuation of the renewal concept
  • Communication, citizen participation and reporting

Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, Office of Urban Renewal and Residential Construction Subsidies (ASW)
Period: 2008