“Leipzig 2020 – Integrated urban development concept (SEKo)”

Between 2007 and 2008, the concept “Leipzig 2020 – Integrated urban development concept (SEKo)” was developed. Based on connecting sectoral plans, it names content-related and urban-spatial goals and focal points as well as central clusters of measures for their implementation. With this, the SEKo lays the foundation for a targeted cross-departmental administrative action within urban development.

The overall concept is underpinned by 10 technical concepts: housing, business and employment, education landscape, social, cultural, centers, transport and technical infrastructure, heritage protection, sport, and open space and environment. The core content of the concept of open space and the environment was developed in a cross-departmental working group coordinated and prepared by bgh. The SEKO “Leipzig 2020” was published in October 2009 and was updated in 2017. The “Integrated Urban Development Concept (INSEK) Leipzig 2030” was passed in 2017, replacing “Leipzig 2020”.

Partner: Büro für urbane Projekte
Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, Office of Urban Renewal and Residential Construction Subsidies (ASW)
Project period: 2007-2008