Integrierte Grobkonzepte für Leuben und Altgruna [Dresden]

The city of Dresden is planning to realign urban renewal and adapt it to future funding programmes of the federal government and the Free State of Saxony. To achieve this, integrated preliminary concepts are being developed for selected Dresden districts, which are to be strongly implementation-oriented. On the one hand, the rough concepts are to represent a binding planning and strategic development direction for the actions of the administration. On the other hand, they form an important basis for efficient planning and the use of municipal financial resources as well as for the acquisition of supplementary funding and subsidies.

In cooperation with Gleichmann Büro für Stadtentwicklung, Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) supports the Urban Planning Department of the City of Dresden in the development of preliminary concepts for the districts of Leuben and Altgruna with the following services:

  • Carrying out an initial analysis of the existing situation and processing the results in a SWOT analysis
  • Definition of key objectives, definition of development strategies and fields of action for future district development
  • Development of a measure package for the implementation of the objectives and preparation of 15 key measures
  • Elaboration of a cost and financing overview as well as a time schedule
  • Recommending the allocation of the area to one of the future urban development funding programmes

Commissioned by: City of Dresden, Urban Planning Department
Partners: Iris Gleichmann (Gleichmann Office for Urban Development)
Period: 2020