Feasibility study on the transferability of the Leipzig´s self-user model to other municipalities

bhg., in the person of Astrid Heck, cooperated with the Selbstnutzer Kompetenzzentrum für Wohneigentum GmbH on conducting a feasibility study on the transferability of the Leipzig “self-user model” to other municipalities. It implied the training of owners of heritage-listed buildings and townhouses in the inner city.

An intensive consultation and moderation for groups that have the same interest – jointly acquiring ownership of a flat/house – is especially necessary at the initial stages when the group members do not know each other. In order to be able to better assess the transferability of the model to other municipalities, further investigations were carried out as part of the National Urban Development Policy program.

In a nationwide study, a survey of 570 municipalities was carried out. The study examined the need to train the owners in the different municipalities and the financial support they would need. A final two-day workshop was held for about 60 representatives from different cities. The municipalities were interested in learning from the self-user model in Leipzig and contributed to the formulation of recommendations for action towards the Federal Government on the promotion of housing ownership.

Commissioned by: The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning / Selbstnutzer Kompetenzzentrum für Wohneigentum GmbH
Period: 2008-2009