Location marketing Georg-Schwarz-Straße

The Georg-Schwarz-Straße is an important 2.5 km long street in the west of Leipzig, which runs through the districts Leutzsch and Altlindenau. Narrow street space, unfavorable traffic conditions and non-renovated buildings still characterize the streetscape. Therefore, the street is defined as a priority area.in the integrated urban development concept Leipzig 2020 (SEKo),  which will be updated in 2017.

In past years, private and public engagement have already exploited potential and initiated projects for a sustainable development process. The city of Leipzig has designated large parts of the road within the scope of the federal-state program “Active urban and district centers” (SOP). Since June 2011, the  Management Georg-Schwarz-Straße  coordinates the multitude of activities along the street.

Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) supported the management in the area of ​​location marketing. The aim was to supplement the existing supply with new settlements and to sensitize and interest businesses in the Georg-Schwarz-Straße location.

Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, Office for Urban Renewal and Housing Development (ASW)
Support Office: StadtLabor,  Tröger + Mothes GbR
Period: 2011-2012