Review of the meeting venues of local committees of the City of Leipzig

The City of Leipzig decided to proclaim 2018 as „Jahr der Lokalen Demokratie“, Year of Local Democracy. Accordingly, the focus was on strengthening democratic values ​​and motivation for continuous participation. Thus a media campaign was launched and 24 brochures with the title „Demokratie vor Ihrer Haustür“, Democracy at Your Doorstep, were published and distributed in order to present all district councils and local councils as local democratic bodies.

With the goal of harmonizing the quality of the meeting venues among all committees, Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann, commissioned by the Department of General Administration of the City of Leipzig, examined the meeting venues of the local committees. Criterias such as the room size, accessibility and technical equipment as well as the connection to local public transportation have been taken into account to analyze these venues.

Based on interviews with the chairs of the committees and on-site visits to all meeting venues, extensive recommendations were made for improving their quality. While many recommendations were focused on the improvement of equipment of the existing facilities, in some cases medium-to-long-term relocation to other buildings was recommended.

Commissioned by: Stadt Leipzig, Dezernat Allgemeine Verwaltung, City of Leipzig, Department of General Administration
Period: 2018