Model projects for the Georg-Schumann-Straße [Leipzig]

The Georg-Schumann-Straße is a 4.5 km long road in the north-west of Leipzig, which reflects in a special way the problem of Leipzig’s major traffic axes. The shrinkage process that began after the reunification of Germany was particularly pronounced in the main traffic axes, including the Georg-Schumann-Straße. The consequences of emigration and the decline of urban infrastructures were noticeable for many years.

Based on this, the City of Leipzig decided to develop new instruments and “model projects” along the within the road. bgh was commissioned together with its cooperation partners to assist in the preparation of the model projects and to set up a neighbourhood management for Georg-Schumann-Straße. The aim was to create impulses and incentives for private investors and, at the same time, to find and test new solutions.

Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, Office of Urban Renewal and Residential Construction Subsidies (ASW)

Cooperation partners: StadtLabor, Tröger + Mothes GbR and DSK Deutsche Stadt- und
Real estate development mbH & Co. KG
Period: 2010