Neighbourhood Management Schönefeld [Leipzig]

The City of Leipzig’s Office for Housing and Urban Renewal (AWS) has initiated the “District Management Schönefeld” within the framework of the support program Stadtumbau Ost. This consists of three components:

  • Urban Redevelopment 
  • Energetic renovation 
  • District management inclusive community

On the basis of the „Integrierten Stadtteilentwicklungskonzepts Leipzig-Schönefeld“ (STEK Schönefeld), the “Integrated District Development Concept Leipzig-Schönefeld” (STEK Schönefeld), which was passed in 2016, the bundling of public and private commitments as well as investment activities is aimed at sustainable development at urban, economic and social level. The neighbourhood management Schönefeld is the contact point for all those who want to make a difference in Schönefeld; such as private individuals, non-profit associations, initiatives, dealers or traders.

Main topics:

  • Advice to house owners with a focus on unrefurbished buildings; Support in the development and implementation of individual strategies for the use or revitalization of their property
  • Support for the revitalization of empty shops in refurbished and partially refurbished buildings on Gorkistrasse
  • Accompanying the implementation of urban planning projects
  • Mediation and advisory services as well as communication and networking between local actors, consolidation of participation structures
  • Advice and support for project promoters who are implementing an ESF project in the district based on the area-based integrated action plan for Schönefeld (2016).(Cooperation partner: conAction*Politik- und Organisationsberatung Johanna Hofmann;  until 08/2019)

Commissioned by: City of Leipzig, Office for Housing and Urban Renewal (AWS)

Period: Ongoing since 2015

Currently available funds:

Since Schönefeld forms a focus area of ​​urban renewal in Leipzig, funding from the Urban Redevelopment East programme can be used there. The aim of this fund is to support smaller projects in the urban redevelopment area that can be implemented in short-term, without bureaucratic hurdles and which contribute to the revitalization of the area.

Further information about the Fund can be found at: