COVID-19 Response Webinars


Since cities around the world had started to develop different strategies and ideas to respond to the challenges that the current COVID-19 Pandemic brings, a large number of Webinars have taken place. These virtual events have allowed interesting discussions, peer-to-peer learning and ideas to be shared. The following table offers a selection of the most interesting ones Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) has had the opportunity to listen and know about. We share it and update it regularly with the idea of support cities to navigate the large offer of Webinars available to them online by different organisations.

 OrganisationTitle of the WebinarTopicRegionDurationLink
Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (GIZ)/NUMOBicycling is Essential: How Bicycle Shops Are Staying Open Under Stay at Home OrdersCyclingNorth America01:01:53
Transformative Urban Mobility InitiativeResilience and Transportation: Lessons from India in responding to COVID-19Public TransportAsia-India 01:14:16
Transformative Urban Mobility InitiativeLessons from Rio de Janerio while responding to COVID-19Urban Mobility South America 00:39:07
UN-HabitatCOVID-19 and Urban MobilityUrban Mobility Global 02:39:00
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and TransportCoronavirus and the future of Transport Planning: Fireside ChatPublic TransportGlobal 01:31:30
Rails to Rails ConservancyClosing Streets to Create Space for Walking and Biking During COVID-19 Full WebinarWalking and CyclingNorth America01:27:02
Eno Center for TransportationWhat COVID 19 Stimulus Packages Promise for InfrastructureUrban TransportationNorth America 00:33:32
Eno Center for TransportationHow Disruptions to Our Transportation System Can Impact Food SupplyUrban TransportationNorth America00:38:17
ITDP:The Institute for TRansportation and Development PolicyUrbanlogue S02E01: Public Transport SOP's to ensure the health and safety of crew and passengersPublic TransportAsia-India01:34:06
Urban Cycling InstitutePCCAMS Webinar - Tactical Urbanism with Claire Pascoe (Planning the Cycling City Amsterdam (PCCAMS) is a 3 week summer school offered by the University of Amsterdam.)Tactical UrbanismGlobal00:57:20
Global NGO AllianceAlliance Live Session: COVID-19, Safer Roads, and Urban PlanningSafer Roads and Urban PlanningGlobal 01:01:08
Global NGO AllianceAlliance Live Session 2 - What COVID19 is teaching us about sustainable mobilitySustainable Mobility Global 01:03:02
Global NGO AllianceLive Session 4: Inequalities during the COVID-19 CrisisInequality Global 00:57:17
Global NGO AllianceAlliance Live Session 3 - Health Systems and COVID-19Public HealthGlobal 01:04:40
Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (GIZ)/NUMOCombating COVID 19 The Shenzhen Bus Group’s experiencePublic TransportAsia00:59:11
Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (GIZ)/NUMOTactical Urbanism as COVID 19 ResponseTactical UrbanismAmerica 01:00:58
Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (GIZ)/NUMOLessons from India in responding to COVID-19Public TransportAsia01:14:16
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)#BeyondTheOutbreak Live Learning - Building the Community ( playlist)Community buildingGlobal00:05:07
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)1st Moderated roundtable: Local government finances and COVID-19 – key challenges and solutionLocal financesGlobal00:56:39
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)2nd Moderated roundtable: Imagining the tomorrow #BeyondTheOutbreakPost Covid- 19 measures Global 00:54:56
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)How to support migrant communities, leverage their socio-economic contribution to the emergency?MigrationGlobal00:40:59
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)How to reach local communities regardless of their legal status, living or work condition?MigrationGlobal 00:37:26
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)1st roundtable Addressing informalities in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak and beyondInformalitiesGlobal 00:42:56
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)2nd Moderated roundtable Addressing informalities in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak and beyondInformalitiesGlobal 01:13:33
United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)1st Moderated roundtable: Local Action and Challenges Impact of the crisis and initial measuresCovid-19 ImpactGlobal00:54:29
ICLEI GlobalRecovering from Pandemic: Transforming cities through subnational leadership (Apr 29, 2020)Cities‘ LeadershipGlobal01:09:21
ICLEI GlobalCity Resilience Stories Webinar Series - COVID-19: Coping, Learning & Building Urban ResilienceUrban resilienceGlobal 00:59:32
University College of London -The Bartlett Development Planning UnitThe COVID-19 “Crisis” in Contested Cities and Divided SocietiesPost Covid-19 citiesGlobal South 01:03:01
World BankCities at Risk - How Can we Manage Impact of the Coronavirus on Urban Areas?Covid-19 Impact managementGlobal 00:29:33
World BankSupporting Companies and Preserving Jobs Through the PandemicCovid-19 Impact managementGlobal 00:30:40
World BankFragility and Conflict: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against PovertyConflict Global 01:12:12
World BankHow Can we Sustain Jobs and Provide a Safety Net for those Most in Need?Covid-19 Impact management (jobs)Global 00:28:46
World BankResponding to Coronavirus: How can we Strengthen Global Healthcare to Handle the Pandemic?Health careGlobal00:40:20
Interamerican Development BankWaze for Cities Presents: Incorporating Waze traffic data into COVID-19 impact monitoringTools for Covid-19 impact monitoringAmerica01:03:33
UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction UNDRR COVID-19 Webinar 3: Resilience of Local GovernmentsIntegration of public health and disaster risk management Global01:18:55
Rails-to-Trails ConservancyClosing Streets to Create Space for Walking and Biking During COVID-19 Full WebinarTransportationAmerica 01:27:02
GIZ/TUMI/ NUMO AllianceResilience & Transportation: Lessons from Latin America's Response to COVID-19TransportationSouth America 00:59:56
Toronto Region/ Urban Land Institute TorontoRichard Florida: How can Toronto re-open after the COVID-19 pandemic?Reopening/Post Covid-19 measuresNorth America 00:47:41
Boston Metropolitan Area Planning CouncilResponding to Food Insecurity During the COVID 19 CrisisFood AccessNorth America 01:04:01
UnescoUNESCO learning cities' response to COVID-19 - Health and well-beingPublic HealthGlobal/Europe/UK/Latin America01:22:27
UnescoUNESCO learning cities' response to COVID-19 - Distance educationEducationGlobal/Asia 01:09:05
OECDCOVID-19 and cultural and creative sectors. Impact, policy responses and opportunitiesEconomy Global 02:03:22
OECDThe world changed by COVID-19. Policy, economy, societyImpact of Covid-19Global 02:09:27
OECDCOVID-19 and museums. Impact, innovations and planning for post-crisis.Post Covid-19 measuresGlobal 01:30:53
GIZ/TUMI/ NUMO AllianceResilience and Transportation: International best practices of funding instruments after Covid-19Public TransportationGlobal 01:31:46
NUMO and SAE's Mobility Data Collaborative.Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Mobility Data to Achieve Policy OutcomesPublic TransportationGlobal 01:02:05
UNDRR, WHO, UCLG and ICLECOVID-19: Responding, Re-opening and Recovery Towards Resilience of CitiesEconomyGlobal 01:32:55
ICLEI/FAOCities and Covid-19 - food access for vulnerable communities in practiceFood AccessGlobal01:21:34
ICLEIShaping a resilient post-COVID-19 urban era with nature and effective planning in AfricaResilient citiesAfrica01:02:59
ICLEIBuilding sustainable African cities during and after a pandemic: Lessons from past & present crisesSustainable CitiesAfrica01:29:17