Tools for Coronavirus Response

Since cities around the world had started to develop different strategies and ideas to respond to the challenges that the current COVID-19 Pandemic brings, a large number of tools have been put available online for cities to share their knowledge, inform themselves, map and track the virus. The following table offers a selection of the most interesting tools Bürogemeinschaft Gauly & Volgmann (bgh.) has found online. We share it and update it regularly with the idea of support cities to navigate the large offer of tools available to them online by different organisations.

Source: Infographia
OrganisationTitleType of toolTopicLink
GoogleMobility DataViewer DataViewerMobility
TUMICOVID Mobility Works (collecting, synethsizing and sharing mobility responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery.)Platform (collecting, synethsizing and sharing mobility responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery)Mobility
NUMO New Mobility Atlas Allows to view changes to the shared, dockless micromobility landscape in cities around the worldData viewer
UCLGCovid-19 Service PointBank of ideasExchange Platform
C40 Knowledge Hub Exchange PlatformGeneral response
ICLEIHow three urban food gardens are contributing towards social cohesion in South AfricaBank of IdeasRecovery
The GuardianNews'A new normal': how coronavirus will transform transport in Britain's citiesArticle
URBACTComplete Set o Tools and resources for Integrated & Participative Working ToolkitGeneral response
PlanetizenPlanetizen-Covid -19Analysis and articles General response
URBACTURBACT city responses to Covid 19Map of ideasExchange Platform
City of SingaporeSingapore App ( Covid tracker)App
European Committee of the RegionLive updates COVID-19. European cities respond to the coronavirus crisisBank of Ideas of European CitiesGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceBlogBlogPlanning
Living Cities -LSEReflections on COVID-19 and Public Space Use in Kuwait: The Potential of a New ‘Normal’BlogPublic Space
 European Union’s Horizon 2020-LSEThe Post-Coronavirus MetropolisBlogGeneral response
World Resources InstituteBiking Provides a Critical Lifeline During the Coronavirus CrisisBlogMobility
World BankUrban Density Is Not an Enemy in the Coronavirus Fight: Evidence from ChinaBlogGeneral response
IIEDDealing with COVID-19 in the towns and cities of the global SouthBlogGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceBrazil’s urban inequalities will exacerbate the impacts of Covid-19BlogSocial inequality
BrookingsHow our cities can reopen after rhe COVID-19 pandemic:A ten-point preparedness plan for our communitiesBlog/GuidelineEconomy
The GuardianNewsCity leaders aim to shape green recovery from coronavirus crisisArticle
European UnionThe EU's Assembly of Regional and Local RepresentativesCOVID- 19 Action PlanGeneral response
National League of Cities The Partnership for Healthy CitiesCOVID-19: LOCAL ACTION TRACKER ( Only US )Best practices
Urban FootprintCOVID-19: Mapping and Measuring Community Impact with UrbanFootprintCOVID-19: Mapping and Measuring Community Impact with UrbanFootprint case counting
London School of Economics and Political ScienceCOVID-19 MONITORS OF RELEVANCE TO URBAN AND REGIONAL GOVERNANCEData Analytics Note/Newslater/knowledge hubGeneral response
Euro CitiesCovid NewsEuropean cities respond to the coronavirus crisis. Bank of ideasExchange Platform
Living Cities Living Cities BlogIdeas and Resources for How Cities Can Attack the COVID-19 Crisis ( US) General response
Smart Cities WorldSmart Cities WorldInformation Hub about the strategies cities are deploying globally to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicGeneral response
BrookingsBrookings Coronavirus response Knowledge hub Exchange Platform
Metropolis Covid-19 Service PointBank of IdeasGeneral response
The GuardianNewsLarge areas of London to be made car-free as lockdown easedArticle
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE-EventsList of Online Public Events with experts related to the responce to Corona VirusEvents
C40Mayours Task ForceMayors Task Force General response
Eno Centre for TransportationCOVID-19 NEWS & RESOURCESNews & Resources HubMobility
Brookings/Richard Florida/Steven PedigoCity Talks: Richard Florida on the future of cities after the CoronavirusPodcastGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE- What does gender have to do with pandemics?PodcastGender
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE- COVID-19 and DeglobalisationPodcastGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE-Assessing the Economic Impact of COVID-19PodcastEconomy
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE-Transboundary Crisis Management in Europe in the Wake of COVID-19PodcastGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLSE-Data–driven Responses to COVID–19: opportunities and limitationsPodcastGeneral response
The Economist and UNOPSThe future of public spending: responses to covid-19 ( information to increase City'S ability of governments to source what they need—quickly, efficiently and responsibly)ReportFunding and resources
National Association of City Transportation Officials ( Nacto) (84 North American cities) + Bloomberg PhilanthropiesStreets for Pandemic Response and Recovery GuideMobility
European ComissionEGCN 100% Renewable ToolkitToolkitRenewable energy
TUMI ( and others)TUMITwitter HandleMobility
City of Tbilisi, GeorgiaTbilisi-Georgia Website to raise awareness on CoronaWebsiteGood practice
City of Bogota, ColombiaBogota-Colombia Website that compiles all relevant information about the response to Corona in the city: WebsiteGood practice
New York UniversityTHE CORONAVIRUS AND THE CITIESWorking PaperGeneral response
European UnionThe EU's Assembly of Regional and Local RepresentativesMap of EU initiativesGeneral response
C40C40 Mayors’ Agenda for a Green and Just RecoveryPolicy Brief Recovery
C40A green, just and job-rich COVID-19 recovery: How cities can rapidly boost good, local employmentImplementation GuideRecovery
C40Priorities for mayors for a green post-COVID recovery: global perspectivesArticleRecovery
C40Housing and COVID-19: How cities are supporting tenants, homeowners and homeless peopleImplementation GuideHousing
NUMOLeveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes.Mobility Data ToolMobility
NUMOMoMobility Card Game (English)Card Game Mobility
Various NGOsShared Mobility Principles for Livable CitiesPolicy Brief ( Principles)Mobility
ICLEIICLEI Africa supports local and subnational governments during COVID-19Bank of IdeasGeneral response
ICLEIICLEI Europe supports local and subnational governments during COVID-19Bank of IdeasGeneral response
World BankAnnual Private Participation in Infrastructure Database Global Report, 2019Data Economy
ICLEISustainability and Local Governments in the Context of the COVID-19 PandemicBlog Recovery
LSEEmergency Governance Initiative COVID-19Policy Brief General response
South African GovernmentCOVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource PortalWebsiteGeneral response
Gauteng City-Region ObservatoryResponding to the COVID-19 pandemic in GautengData and InformationGeneral response
NUMORELEASE: Passenger Distancing Not Sole Factor in Preventing Spread of COVID-19 on Public Transportation, Research FindsStudy release Public Transport
#COVID19 transmission risks and infection rates in public transport Twitter ThreadPublic Transport
TUMIUrban transport: How to save costs and how to generate revenuesTwitter ThreadPublic Transport
C40Smart Cities Activator2020 COVID-19 MITIGATION ROADMAP (US)( Free Registration)General response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceShaping the Post-COVID WorldKnowledge hubGeneral response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceThe Covid-19 response: Governance Challenges and Innovations by Cities and Regions
Policy Brief
General response
London School of Economics and Political ScienceA Stronger Role for Urban Agriculture in Times of Crisis and BeyondBlog
Urban Agriculture